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Thursday, March 28, 2002

Looking at this journal, I see I haven't written in it since last Thursday. There have been ups and downs since then, but I just wasn't in the mood to write about any of it. We've had two people call about our house for sale; we put a small sign in the yard, and have done NO advertising. So I guess those calls do indicate we can sell it if we want to. But it sure is hard to think of moving from a place you've lived for 20+ years!

We also looked at the small white house again, and I still like it. But we just haven't decided to make an offer on it yet. We are still actively looking, and found one possibility about ten blocks from here in a nicer neighorhood. It is full brick, three bedrooms, with a huge enclosed carport with screened breezeway that would be perfect for the cats. And the price is about the same we're asking for this house. I guess we'll keep looking though...

I've been on my bike ride every morning this week, and the weather has been either very cold or extremely warm for this time of year. Today there was an Easter-Egg hunt going on in the park, so I rode on the streets instead. I prefer the park, but don't mind the street if necessary.

I spent most of today cleaning out my old file cabinets. I decided it was time I got rid of a lot of old work (already on computer) and just a collection of stuff (research notes, etc) that I will never need again. I also tossed a bunch of stationary paper and postal writing material, like envelopes. I used to write a lot of postal letters (to inmates and other friends) but no longer do that since I have access to email. So I got rid of a great deal of stuff, and made it neater in my study.

Here's an interesting article excerpt from the New York Times about how the world wide web is not as much fun as it once was. I DO agree!

As the Web Matures, Fun Is Hard to Find

Just 11 years after it was born and about 6 years after it became popular, the Web has lost its luster. Many who once raved about surfing from address to address on the Web now lump site-seeing with other online chores, like checking the In box.

What attracted many people to the Web in the mid-1990's were the bizarre and idiosyncratic sites that began as private obsessions and swiftly grew into popular attractions. . .

How did the Web arrive at this juncture? Some people say that the rush to make money, in which profits mattered more than passion, was a significant driver.

The Web's commercialism dismays many longtime surfers. "Everywhere you go someone is jumping on you to buy something," said John Walkenbach, an author in San Diego, who has written books about software. "It's like walking down the streets of Tijuana."


Enough for tonight. Maybe I'll try to update more frequently.

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