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Thursday, January 31, 2002

Today started out overcast, not as warm as yesterday for my bike ride. Around noon now it's sunny, warming up again; there's predictions of storms tonight. We often have tornadoes here in the spring, which I could do without!

Well, I finally seem to have my PC working better; it's now booting up normally. I got some tech support from Compaq, took off a few of the unnecessary programs that are in the msconfig file for startup and that helped somewhat. Still don't think this computer is going to last six months, so I'll keep shopping for a new one.

Here's some interesting articles:

The Smile and the Comb-Over

--How men disguise baldness, women disguise arguments, and Bush disguises politics.
By William Saletan

As they grow up, men and women learn two subtle skills. Men learn the art of the comb-over: how to cover bald spots with hair from adjacent areas of the scalp. Women learn the art of the smile: how to argue and get their way without appearing belligerent or even self-interested. President Bush demonstrated both arts in his State of the Union address last night.

The comb-over is Bush's way of compensating for his habit of concentrating on a few big issues. Prior to Sept. 11, he focused on passing his tax-cut, education, and energy proposals. Since Sept. 11, he has focused on fighting terrorism. The payoff for this focus is effectiveness. The price is that Democrats will exploit the issues he isn't focusing on, as they did to his father. How can Bush persuade the public that he's paying attention to issues other than national security, taxes, education, and energy? By selling his policies on national security, taxes, education, and energy as solutions to every other issue.

Yep, I heard THAT!


No need to quote, just go read it for yourself. Don't know if this is some of the zany conspiracy therorists at work, or something that should be taken seriously.

That's all for today, folks!

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