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Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Not much to report today, except I went on my bike ride as usual this morning. It is near 80 degrees today, and feels more like spring than the end of January! The ride was okay, but again the heat made it more uncomfortable than I like.

Later I went to town, just did some random shopping. I don't do this as much as I did when we first moved back to the city; I used to spend hours just browsing the stores, or hanging out at the library, but now perfer staying home using the internet for information.

My computer is still not booting up right; I have to give it the command prompt in MS/DOS to restore the registry every time I turn it on. I'm still shopping for a PC, but can't decide if I want a top-of-the-line laptop or another desktop. Decisions, decisions!

Nothing else much to write about. I still have a case of the 'blahs,' just not interested in anything or inspired to write, even in this journal. Plus, I don't think it's ever read by anyone but myself, so why bother updating each day? I follow a few daily journals, but find that few update often enough to bother. I had wanted to at least write in this journal daily, so there's always something new...

Alas, enough for now.

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