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Wednesday, January 23, 2002

It rained most of last night, but this morning was only overcast. However, the streets/sidewalks were wet, mud-puddles in the park, so I didn't ride the bike. I may later though, since the sun has come out and it looks like a nice afternoon...although way too warm, in the 70s! That means possible thunderstorms tonight, which I could do without. Oh well.

I finally got my PC to boot up right, but now I'm having trouble with the Juno program. Darn, I don't know if I can endure more of this freaking constant trouble with this PC, and may get a new one VERY soon.

What's on my mind: more news items. Here's some excerpts:

Census report finds illegals threat to U.S. security

The bureau found that 5,312,990 undocumented residents hailed from North and Central America, with 3,871,912 coming from Mexico, the source of the greatest number of illegal foreigners.

Although this article is ranting about illegal Mid-east immigrants, I am more concerned with all these Mexican illegals. We got our share of them here, and as I've said before, they cause a drain on the public systems in our community. Send 'em back!


According to the Drudge Report people are getting tired of the whining from WTC disaster victims who are already getting huge sums of monetary help.

"An ugly backlash is building as families of the people killed at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon push for changes in the guidelines controlling how much they can expect to receive from the federal fund... In rallies and on radio and television talk shows last week, victims' advocates had hoped to mobilize public support to make the fund more generous. Instead, they have provoked a surge of angry criticism in the media, in comments to the fund's administrator, Kenneth R. Feinberg, and even in personal e-mails to their homes."

Yeah, I heard THAT.


Officials doubt story of alleged kidnap

HARVEST, Alabama (CNN) -- Calls made from the satellite telephone of an American after he allegedly was kidnapped in Afghanistan have been traced to Pakistan, a U.S. official told CNN on Tuesday.

We've been hearing plenty about this in our state, and it sounds like a religious scam -- because the wifey was evoking prayer and god in her defense of hubby's attempt at fraud. I think it's all a scam.

Till tomorrow...

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