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Friday, January 25, 2002

Busy, busy day! I had errands to run in town, and grocery shopping (which I've come to loathe!). But it's a beautiful day, sunny and mild, in the 50s. When I got back from the errands, I went on a very long bike ride, since I missed it yesterday. It was perfect weather, a little nip in the air, great for riding. Then I had some housework to get done, and at last made it to the computer.

My PC is still not performing smoothly; at times it freezes and I have to reboot to get it going again. At least it IS booting up, although slowly, as if it's looking for a something it can't find. In the meantime, I'm still shopping around for best prices on a new PC if it comes to that.

So what's in the news today? Quite a bit to comment on, starting below:

Former Enron executive dies in apparent suicide

HOUSTON, Texas (CNN) -- The former vice chairman of Enron Corp. was found dead Friday, the victim of an apparent suicide, police in Sugar Land, Texas, said.

Investigators had wanted to speak with Baxter, according to a source on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, but he had not been subpoened by the committee. Instead, congressional investigators were negotiating with his lawyers to arrange an interview.

Baxter was among the Enron officers and directors who made massive profits cashing in on Enron stock options, netting nearly $22 million since October 1998, according to records of stock exchange transactions.

Quilty conscience? Or did he know too much?

More of the wonderful, warm, fuzzy family feelings in this tragedy:

Two Parents and Two Children Found Dead in Home; 16-Year-Old Family Member in Custody

MIFFLINTOWN, Pa. (AP) - Two adults and their two children were shot to death at their home, and a 16-year-old family member was in custody on Friday, state police said.


Now it's Kmart's creative bookkeeping that's coming under scrutiny:

Kmart, SEC Investigate Letter About Accounting Matters

TROY, Mich. (AP) - Kmart Corp., which filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this week, said Friday it has begun an investigation after receiving an anonymous letter claiming to be from employees that expressed concern about unspecified accounting matters.

The nation's third biggest discount retailer said it had contacted the Securities and Exchange Commission about the letter and its own investigation and is cooperating with the regulatory agency.


And that's all the dismal news for today!

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