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Tuesday, January 01, 2002

New Year's Day! Happy New Year everyone!

I went on a bike ride this morning and it was a brisk 32 degrees! But I wore warm clothing, and survived just fine. It was, as usual, invigorating. And this should help me lose that ten pounds I'm planning on, as one of my resolutions. Then I'll weigh 100 lbs, and at 5'2", that should make me look quite slender (especially for my age!).

I have a dream...

It is the year 3,000...and only a select few humans remain on earth. The remainder have dispersed and live on space stations all throughout the cosmos. Earth is now known as our home planet, but it is a primeval park where we visit on occasions as a vacation to learn about where we came from, and to appreciate the beauty of nature. The only humans here are staff who maintain the way-stations where humans may temporarily lodge during their vacations on earth. Otherwise, the earth is in a state of natural splendor, and inhabited ONLY by native animals. No hunting allowed, only hiking trips to appreciate the variety of wildlife. All traces of human habitation have been eliminated, and any power source, as well as historic relics, are kept underground. Wouldn't that be fantastic?

And that's it for today. It's been a nice day; DH and I went on a long drive, and now I'm about to cook our evening meal. I will have some black-eye peas, mainly as a tribute to my paternal grandfather who always swore it brought good luck. No I don't believe that, but I always enjoy my memories of him while having the peas! I DID get the webzine updated last night while DH watched a ballgame on TV, so I'm caught up on that work.

Till tomorrow...

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