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Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Woke up with a bad case of the blahs today. But I did go on my bike ride, and it's too warm here for this time of year -- near 70 degrees, which made the ride a bit harder. I've found that riding in 50 degree weather is near perfect; you don't work up a sweat, and can ride longer and farther without tiring so quickly. The hotter it is, the less stamina I seem to have for riding. The sun is out now, and it will probably get even warmer.

I had a series of vivid dreams last night, but can't remember much about them. The Kava seems to always make me sleep well, and dream move vividly.

Looks like some of the illegal Mexican immigrants lured here by Tyson Foods are now getting scared:

Immigrants lured by Tyson Foods are 'scared'

Matthew Baez, who works with immigrants through Esperanza del Barrio, a 4-year-old social services group, said he has been helping some Hispanics lured to Tennessee by promises of $8-an-hour ''dream jobs.''

Baez described the affected Hispanics as ''scared. They realize they have been part of a fraud.''

''They are not going back home. They are forced to look for other means of survival.''

Am I to believe these illegals didn't KNOW they were coming here as part of a fraud? I can't buy that. Send 'em back, please!


I also see that Stephen King may stop writing. I understand exactly what he means in the following excerpt. I too began 'repeating' myself after about twelve novels, and finally lost the drive and inspiration to write fiction.

Stephen King ready to close book as writer?

"I don't want to finish up like Harold Robbins," he said, referring to the pulp novelist who started with well-reviewed works such as "A Stone for Danny Fisher," later suffered a damaging stroke and ended his career in steep decline. "That's my nightmare."

Till tomorrow....

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