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Saturday, January 12, 2002

I got up today in a depressed mood. I didn't go on the bike ride; it's a cold, gray, overcast day but no rain. I just didn't feel in the mood to get out of the house. Some days are like this for me.

At any rate, here's a few excerpts/headlines on the latest news about the Enron collapse/scandal:

Justice picks prosecutor to head Enron investigation

Top White House officials, meanwhile, urged what one called "context and perspective" in media coverage of the developments.

"There are some legitimate questions and some questions we view more as political," the senior official said.

Why does this White House team continue to try and dictate the terms of what the news media should and shouldn't report? Granted, no news agency is going to report military secrets that would endanger troops, and a bit of reticence is necessary in that corner. On the other hand, this latest scandal with Enron has NOTHING to do with the war effort, and the more the republican pundits ask the news agencies to not cover it in-depth (or with any negative connotations for the Prez) then the more suspicious the American citizens should become. The free press in America is SUPPOSED to be the fourth estate, to keep a checks-and-balances on political power so that it doesn't run amok and destroy democracy. The current administration does nothing to enhance its image by trying to dictate what 'news' is to the press.

Here's a few more articles that have differing viewpoints:

Despite President's Denials, Enron & Lay Were Early Backers of Bush


White House Hypocrisy Causes Collective National Guffaw

"It's appropriate to take a look at what led to the bankruptcy of Enron," Mr. Fleischer said. He expressed the hope that any Congressional inquiry would be even-handled, not a "partisan, politically charged investigation" of the kind that he said had so soured many Americans on Washington.


That's all for today.

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