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Friday, January 04, 2002

I got back from the errands in town, then went on a bike ride around noon. Did all the housework, and called the computer shop. I described some of the problems I'm having, and the lady said to bring it in before I decide on the upgrade -- to make sure it's not something serious before I put more money into it. Darn. But I'd rather know if there's a big problem, and not waste money upgrading. I will probably take it in on Monday, and by then should have my old PC set-up to use.

I indirectly heard from an old journalist buddy today. He is now working in Washington D.C. as a lobbyist. He always did have political inclinations, so I would think this position suits him well. When I knew him we both worked at the same newspaper, and he was much younger than me. I was the copy editor and he was a reporter, always had a great sense of humor. I'll never forget his pet phrase: "May the force be with you," which he would say as reporters went out to get their stories. I really liked all the reporters and the editor there; it was a fun time, back when I was in my mid-30s. But it always amazes me that the average person doesn't realize how much the PUBLISHER influences what is published in the newspaper. Most are ethical, and want to get at the truth...but they do exercise editorial judgement a lot of the time. This is why, having been an insider, I don't always trust the media and/or news reporting.

At any rate, here's a few news items with some commentary:

Woman Accused in Slayings of Two Husbands and Companion

ROCKVILLE, Md. (AP) -- A woman who allegedly enticed lovers to kill two husbands and a boyfriend and kept witnesses quiet with threats of voodoo will be charged with murder, a prosecutor said Friday.

Josephine Gray enlisted the help of each successive husband and boyfriend to commit murder on her behalf, first in 1974, then in 1990, then in 1996, authorities said in court documents. The second and third victims were suspected of killing the husbands who came before them.

Previous charges were dropped against Gray, 55, in two of the deaths after key witnesses disappeared; authorities accuse her of incorporating voodoo and witchcraft in her threats. Voodoo dolls of her dead lovers festooned with needles were found by authorities, Montgomery County State's Attorney Douglas Gansler said.

``Female black widow spiders kill their mates, and that is what Josephine Gray has done three times,'' Gansler said.

Gosh darn, more of that great family togetherness, huh? Black widow indeed!


And on the religious crazy front:

Eight year-old sacrificed by temple priest

IJNOR: In a gruesome incident, a temple priest chopped the head of a eight year-old boy with a dagger to propitiate a deity by human sacrifice in a town in Bijnor district, police said on Thursday.

The incident came to light when the boy hailing from Kalagarh was reported missing after he had gone to the Shiv temple to play with his friends, police said.

His body was later recovered from the nearby bushes.

On interrogation, the priest confessed to the crime, police said adding the priest has been arrested.
( PTI )


Cattle mutilations back

Ranchers, lawmen baffled by crime wave
Tribune Staff Writer

CONRAD -- This is the kind of déja vu Everett King could do without.
About 15 years ago, he discovered the grisly remains of one of his cattle that had died mysteriously.

In October, it happened again.

King said it looked as though a surgeon had sliced into his 7-year-old Charolais, the way its right eye and ear were cut off -- not to mention the way its reproductive organs had been cored.

What King finds most unusual, however, is that two months later the carcass lies right where he found it, untouched.

"Predators won't eat it," said King, who ranches outside Valier, south of Lake Frances. "It should have been cleaned up and gone a long time ago."

Ranchers reported four mutilations between June and August. Since then, there have been 11 more, and investigators are still searching for answers.

What will those darn aliens do next? :-)


And from a married-with-children woman's online journal, this excerpt which makes me glad I don't have any kids:

I can't wait until the kids go back to school again..this being a full time mom thing really, really bites into my computer time. It just bites period. I feel like I am running a full time taxi/restaurant/hotel business all in one. Living out in the country is not all it's cracked up to be. I have to take the kids hither and thither to their friends house or bring them here. There are still (actually more) dance classes to take them to and I am constantly baking, and making them things to fill their seemingly bottomless stomachs. Plus, I just can't concentrate on writing anything with depth or just plain continuity with them screaming at each other or at the background.

Kinda makes you wonder though why she had the children, if she didn't want to give them the attention/time/effort they need?

Till tomorrow...IF it comes!

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