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Friday, January 18, 2002

I had a busy day, had to run errands in town, some shopping, then housework and last, a long bike ride. It was raining early this morning, but stopped and was only overcast, cold...fine for a ride. I really, really enjoy biking on a daily basis, weather permitting. I like the park for rides, but dread the onset of baseball season, since there's a ball field there and it'll be filled with screaming kids. Guess I'll ride on the streets then.

Here's some of my pet peeves:

People who are too lazy to take down their outside Christmas decorations -- either way late, like into January -- or leave them up year-round. Don't these stupid people know that it's bad enough to put up tacky decorations during the Xmas season, much less leave them up beyond Christmas? Tacky, tacky, tacky!!!

People who have more than two children, or adopt from foreign countries. We have plenty of older children here who need adopting, and the ONLY reason to go overseas is to get a little, prewwwwcious baby. Give me a break. These people don't want to be parents; they want a helpless infant. Why don't they just get a dog or cat? As for more than two children per couple, I think over-population speaks for itself on this issue.

People who have pets, but don't take care of them. If it's cats, they let them roam loose and don't neuter/spay; same for dogs. We DO have a leash law here for dogs, but I still see plenty out running around without any I.D. The cats seem to multiply all the time here, and most people allow theirs to run loose and breed. I think there should be LAWS to force owners who allow cats/dogs loose to have them neutered/spayed -- or pay big fines. That would do more to end unwanted domestic animal populations than the terrible brutality of so many being killed at animal shelters each year.

Perhaps I should just sum this up and say I HATE irresponsible people in general!

I saw a great movie on Lifetime last night, though originally made by HBO. "Beyond the Call" was about a death row inmate whose execution comes to the attention of his first girl-friend, now long married with kids. Sissy Spacek plays the woman, and it was a though-provoking story...more about Viet Nam vets than anything. I highly recommend it.

I still am not interested in reading fiction. I had several novels I'd gotten from the library, and didn't read a single one. I tried to read "Smoke Jumper" by that guy who wrote the "The Horse Whisperer," but it got so mauldin I couldn't hack it. Oh well.

Enough for today.

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