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Monday, January 28, 2002

Here comes another gripe session: My mother dropped by this morning; my step-dad and a friend were on the way to get a haircut, and they left her here with me. I was just about to go on the bike ride, but had to postpone it and talk with her. What did she want? Why, to borrow money, of course. I gave her $20.00, which I said she could just consider her birthday present. I know they are barely getting by, financially, but every time she comes here, it is for money. Then she sits there and talks about how awful my youngest sister is, how she's mistreating her child, and her husband not making much income. As if my sisters's childhood had nothing to do with her current problems. She also said the same things about one of my disturbed nephews, who is never going to work for a living. Oh well, what else is new? Denial is her way of survival.

When she finally left, I went on my bike ride, worked off the stress of her visit. Then I scrubbed the cats' porch before I took my shower, and got into some good clothes. I still have some housework to do, and it's almost 2:00.

I have recently discovered Alice Miller's work, and visited her website and joined a mailing list of those who wish to discuss abusive childhoods. I think this will be interesting, in that Miller advocates the theory that ALL violence and disturbed behavior of humans develops from abusive childhoods. I've always known this, because I'm a living example. Whereas she might think of therapy as a way of helping overcome that childhood, I don't that it is possible at all to EVER undo the damage. But I must agree with her in the need to making good parenting one of the top issues of our day and time. Too bad more don't think of it as a priority.

Here's a good link for Alice Miller's work:

Twenty-one Points by Alice Miller

That's all I have time for today.

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