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Wednesday, January 16, 2002

I went on the bike ride this morning around 10:30, since I got up at 9:00. Yeah, another morning sleeping too late. I got over nine hours of sleep last night, but sometimes this seems necessary. What I cannot endure is to get LESS than six hours of sleep, and the more I get, the better I feel the next day. If I get less than six hours, I feel all achy and tired, almost as if I had some sort of deep bone disease. So sleep is good for me!

The bike ride was great, since it's around 50 today and partly cloudy. (Does anyone need the weather report?)

Then I had some housework to do, and baked some brownies (the easy kind out of a premix package). But those will be good for DH tonight, as he has a sweet tooth. I rarely eat any kind of sweets, as I don't seem to have a craving for that kind of food.

I never did get my just!right CD burner software restored, although Compaq tech help was quick to respond via email. I may have to order the SoftPaq that will restore that, if I can't figure out how to re-install it from the CD restore disk. Though I don't use it often, I still want it to work -- eventually!

Two more school shootings since yesterday -- one in Manhattan (a public school apparently), and today a law school. Here's the headline from today's event:

Law School Shooting

Three Killed on Virginia Campus
The Associated Press

G R U N D Y, Va., Jan. 16 — A gunman killed three people and wounded three others during a shooting spree today at a tiny law school in the western Virginia foothills, officials said.

And we thought we had to be worried about foreign terrorists? I think Americans right here are at least as dangerous and more apt at random, violent, fatal attacks, courtesy of our gun laws.


Another warm, fuzzy "family" story here--->

Shooting rampage in Pennsylvania

Man kills wife, daughter, wife’s parents and himself

ARDMORE, Pa., Jan. 16 — A man shot his wife, her parents and his stepdaughter to death before killing himself at their home in this Philadelphia suburb, police said. A woman made a desperate phone call summoning police to the home Tuesday, but the line was disconnected as the rampage began, Lower Merion Township Police Superintendent Joseph Daly said.

Sure looks as if we have more to fear from our own near-and-dear family members than perhaps foreign terrorists or even demented co-workers, eh?


That's all the nutty news and thoughts from our mad, mad world today. Reflection is optional.

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