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Sunday, January 13, 2002

Believe it or not, I actually got my PC back yesterday afternoon!

I couldn't believe it when the lady from the computer shop called around 1:30 and said it was ready. I asked if the RAM had come in, and she said yes, did I want it installed. I agreed, and she said that would be done within thirty minutes. So I picked up the PC a little after 2:00, and it cost $86.00. I can't complain, because once it was setup, everything seems to be working well. Of course, since the hard-drive was reformatted, I have to reinstall some of my favorite programs (that I'd saved to CD) and find others on the internet.

McAfee Virus protection was on it again, and I had to take that off for it interferes with installing programs, as welll as uses too much system resources. {I learned this when I first bought this Compaq.} Right now I'm downloading a free virus protection program, and will test it. Also, I couldn't seem to get AOL and JUNO to work together; AOL kept coming up when I tried to use JUNO. So I took AOL off for now. But JUNO is working fine, and that is my main ISP. If I can't get AOL to work, I'll drop that -- since I only have 4 hours anyway as a backup in case JUNO is down.

After I got the PC back yesterday, I went on a long bike ride because the sun had come out. It was still a bit cold, but nice for riding. That helped improve my mood it usually does. And getting the PC home helped too!

I don't have any news items to comment on today, since I've had no time to gather any.

DH and I are going out later today on a metal detecting expedition! We're hoping to walk along some creekbanks and see what we can find. It's near 58 and sunny, so we should have a pleasant day.

And that's all for today folks!

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