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Saturday, February 09, 2002

Well, I finally missed a day in this journal; I didn't write in it yesterday. But I DO have an excuse: I've begun writing a sci-fi story, in a continuing series style online. I have never tried writing sci-fi, but thought it would be interesting to use some of the material I've studied in astronomy lately. So I AM writing fiction again, and it's helping my mood (as it always has!).

I went on my bike ride yesterday afternoon, and then early this morning. We've got GREAT weather here, it's in the 60s during the day, sunny with a light wind. Just perfect for biking.

I wish I could go on a diet, but seem doomed to eat a full meal at our early evening dining. I only eat bran cereal and skim milk for breakfast, usually no lunch or snakes during the day, but then have the meal at supper. Then I will have one lite beer while watching TV later, but this doesn't add up to a huge amount of calories.Still, I would like to eat less than a 1,000 calories to really lose weight, but can't do so because DH watches my eating, knowing that I've been anoerxic in the past. Oh well.

I have fallen behind on answering my emails lately too, don't seem motivated to keep up with those. But at least I AM writing fiction again, and that is good for my emotional/mental health.

That's all for now.

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