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Thursday, February 14, 2002

My sci-fi story is going so well that I've neglected this journal the past couple days. Life is much as usual here -- biking every morning, and then writing/housework in the afternoons. We are having great weather, pleasantly mild and sunny.

DH got me a beautiful card for Valentine's Day, but is gone now. I gave him a pretty card too. At our age, and being married so long, I guess that might be the extent of it... But hey, we're still together AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!

I've been doing some more research for my sci-fi story, and saving stuff, reading avidly. That is occupying most of my time. But I'm also still thinking of buying a new laptop -- or trying an external modem on the serial port of my older laptop, to see if that might get me connected instead of buying a new laptop.

Tired now. But at least I AM writing fiction again!

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