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Tuesday, February 19, 2002

I have been trying to make an entry in this journal off and on all afternoon; for some reason, Blogger wouldn't access it. Oh well.

Been a busy few days, trying to get our income taxes done. My brother-in-law is a CPA, and we sure needed him this year since I sold all that stock! We got started on the return Sunday afternoon, but I didn't have some necessary paperwork with me, so had to get it and go back there yesterday. At any rate, that's over with for another year -- and we're going to get a return after all. So I'm glad I DID sell the stocks!

I rode the bike yesterday morning and this afternoon, though I didn't feel much like it. I've got a minor head cold, and have felt tired for the past few days. But maybe it'll soon be over.

I'm also still writing the sci-fi story, and it's going well, taking most of my time....hence few entries here!

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