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Thursday, February 07, 2002

Here I am at the computer, my one night online while DH is away. I've been surfing, doing some writing and research.

I watched ET (Entertainment Tonight) before I came in here, and they mentioned a segment about Pro-Anorexic websites, how horrid they were. Naturally, I had to look up some of those, because I was severly anorexic in my teens and early twenties -- the point of hospitalization several times. I still crave dieting and/or fasting at times, and have never weighed more than the lowest end of the weight/height proportion scales. At any rate, to find any of the sites, I had to use 'pro ana' as the search words, and most had already been removed..but I did find a few.

These are usually sites by young teens, and advocate starvation, giving tips and suggestions for weight loss. Some of the tips were new to me, but I will try them, because none were dangerous. I will not list any here though, because I realize that some ana girls would overdo it.

I also read today that Botox injections may be FDA approved. Now tell me, which is worse, more vain -- starving yourself to be thin, or taking injections of snake venom to prevent wrinkles? Only in America, huh? BTW, I never starve for looks; I do it for the feeling of 'control'...and I happen to like the feeling of thinness, compared to being even at normal weight. That light, airy feeling...very, very appealing!

I went on the bike ride today around 1:00, instead of earlier in the morning. It was overcast and dreary today, cold too...and I really just didn't want to go, but I did anyhow. A dog that lives near the park came over and started chasing me, but is not threatening, more playful than anything. Still, it was distracting. But I put another four miles on the bike, and that should make me sleep well tonight.

Well, back to surfing now!

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