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Thursday, February 28, 2002

Not much to report today. It was cold this morning, but I still went on my bike ride, good to get out in the fresh air.

I finished another segment on my sci-fi story tonight, and it's going great. I enjoy writing again, yippee!

I just have to end with this great quote by the wife of the murdered journalist, Pearl. This shows what an insightful, intelligent woman she is, and I'm completely in agreement with her quote. But it is still more remarkable coming from her, after what she has suffered. She restores my belief that there is still at least ONE amazing lady left in the world!

"Revenge would be easy, but it is far more valuable in my opinion to address this problem of terrorism with enough honesty to question our own responsibility as nations and as individuals for the rise of terrorism."
---Mariane Pearl on the murder of her husband

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