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Sunday, February 10, 2002

No biking today, my one day off! DH and I just back from our long Sunday afternoon drive through the countryside and it's a beautiful day out there. Clear, dazzling blue skies (after an early morning rain shower) and brisk wind bringing in a cool front, which makes it a bit nippy outdoors. I'm wondering if we're going to get an early Spring in Dixie? Hope so.

Saw a huge bulletin board on the roadside so typical of the Bible Belt:


It has a picture of a Catholic priest right in the center, ringed with average people praying, even what looked to be a shrouded Muslim woman. As for the quote, I would just say that it depends on WHAT you are praying for...cause we all know that the suicidal hijackers were praying for success at toppling the WTC, and it looked as if Allah himself must have answered THEIR prayers that day. But since I don't believe in prayer or religion, I think we humans would be better off ACTING for peace instead of PRAYING for it to happen.

Enough of my sermon for today, oh ye of little faith. (sarcasm)

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