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Sunday, February 03, 2002

Not much to report today, except DH and I are about to go on our long drive in the country. No biking this morning. It is overcast, and even had some light sleet earlier. But it's supposed to clear out later, and become sunny, though still only in the 40s.

Here's a couple of interesting articles to check out:

Churches on Right Seek Right to Back Candidates

IF churches start becoming political pundits, then they must continue to pay my opinion. Read this article, food for thought!


Is human evolution finally over?

Excellent opinion on this possibility. I personally think that humans will evolve ONLY if we engineer a combination of robot/human, and I believe this is closer than anyone really wants to admit. Think of pacemakers in hearts, and all the other 'artificial' implants already in use, and those which will soon make humans live longer. That kind of 'evolution' sort of sneaks up on humans; and who is going to refuse a chance to live longer? Not the majority!


Off for the relaxing and enjoyable ride now!

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