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Thursday, December 20, 2001

Today was a busy day. My DH is taking the remainder of his vacation days and will be home until the day after Christmas. Since we'd not decided on a gift for Christmas, we went to Lowe's to look at oak flooring for our den. It's our tradition that each year we buy one large purchase that serves as a gift for both of us. Not extremely expensive, but today's total was around $900.00. Then I insisted we buy him a new tablesaw, since the old one is really outdated. So now we have a remodeling project to carry us through the holidays! This will work out great, in that we'll be busy installing the new flooring and I won't have time to be depressed! It should be all done by Christmas Day, and we'll spend that day watching some movie videos which we've not rented in the past year, ones we'd like to see.

I believe I've decided not to attend the family get-together as I'd orginally vowed last year after the Holiday.

When we got back home today, I went on a long bike ride. It was colder here today, and I postponed the ride from morning till afternoon.

And now I have this evening online, my rare once-a-week evening at the computer.

I'm really beginning to get burnt-out on hearing about the 'victims' of the Sept. 11th tragedy. Every time you turn on the TV news, there's a new sentimental, emotional, overwrought segment. Enough. They are going to get plenty of monetary compensation (as if money could make up for their losses -- the American idea of capitalist compensation, I suppose), more than MOST victims of any other crime and/or atrocity, such as domestic abuse victims. Don't people in this country realize that police officer's slain in the line of duty, their families get $140,000.00 from the federal government? There are literally new gifts given every day to this victims group and I think the saturation point has been reached. And because of the billions given to the Sept. 11th fund, other charities are having a shortfall in funds this year. I never give to human charities, only animal or environmental causes.

From the news, today the NY Times reported that Tyson Foods was indicted for transporting and hiring illegal aliens for employees in their processing plants. We have nearby Tyson poultry processing plants, and it is common knowledge that most of the illegals in this area work in the poultry processing plants. Not only does this take away from American citizens that need work here, but also Tyson apparently pays very low wages, and runs plants like sweatshops. I'm very glad about this indictment, and I hope that it will result in lessening the illegal alien population in our region.

Here's an excerpt from the article:

U.S. Accuses Meat Processor of Recruiting Illegal Workers
Tyson Foods Inc., the nation's largest meat producer and processor, was indicted yesterday with six employees on charges that it conspired to smuggle illegal immigrants across the Mexican border to work in its processing plants.

The 36-count indictment, which was unsealed at Federal District Court in Chattanooga, Tenn., accuses Tyson of arranging to transport illegal immigrants across the border and of helping them to get counterfeit work papers for jobs at more than a dozen Tyson poultry plants.

The government said it was the largest case brought against a major American company involving the smuggling of immigrants.
The indictment said that six Tyson employees, including two executives, participated in the actions and that the company engaged in the practices to cut costs, meet production goals and to maximize profits. The company could face sanctions and large fines if found guilty; the workers could face prison terms.

You can read the entire aritcle HERE

And on a humorous note, here's the URL for an article that is satire on the hunt for bin Laden which explores the problem of the news media reporting when there's essentially no news about his whereabouts:

The Real Scoop on bin Laden

That's it for today. I added a photo link for those who might wish to see this writer, and my pet cats in the link column to the right on this site.

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