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Tuesday, December 11, 2001

In the N.Y. Times today there's an article about a bus company transporting illegal Mexican aliens throughout America. Apparently, Ashcroft has shut it down. Here's an excerpt:

The 39-count indictment was made public in Tucson, where much of the illegal operation was said to be focused, and people were arrested in several Western states.

But the actions were announced by Attorney General John Ashcroft in Washington, underscoring the government's efforts to demonstrate that it was cracking down on illegal immigration.

"The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 remind Americans in the most painful way of the need to defend our borders while keeping them open to peaceful, freedom-loving people," Mr. Ashcroft said. "Today's charges prove that we can achieve this balance in our immigration policy."

Personally, I don't like Ashcroft. But I DO applaud this action. Why? I live in a small town in the southeastern USA, and we're literally over-run with illegal Mexican immigrants. They take the lowest paying jobs, but still this amounts to less paying jobs for the legal citizens here who need work too.

I live in a very nice neighborhood, but there's some apartment buildings not far away, and those have become Mexican illegals' living quarters. You can't go to the park (which I do almost every day for a bike ride) without running into some of them, and NONE speak English. I DO think if you come to this country, you should at least learn the language. Regardless, these are illegals, and they are a huge drain on our citywide schooling system. Recently, the public schools have been in a crisis, and the illegal Mexican population is a big part of the problem.

I'm not against immigration; I simply believe anyone here should go through the LEGAL route to immigrate.

In other news, here's a quote from our Prez regarding the video supposedly incrimminating Osama of the WTC disaster:

President George Bush said: "Those who see the tape will realise that not only is he guilty of murder, he has no conscience and no soul."

And just when you thought he was getting smart! "No soul," he says. Either he's setting himself up as god on the soul issue, OR he's come to realize like all of us agnostic/atheists that NO HUMAN has a soul, eh? =^.^=

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