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Sunday, December 09, 2001

Here's my HORROR-scope for today: Sagittarius
The Sun is in Sagittarius, the Moon is in Libra. You're probably feeling better, showing interest in being with friends. Get together with your favorite conversationalists and solve all the world's problems. Then, tell somebody who can put your ideas into action. - Linda Black

Puuuuuleeese! Give me a break. I don't believe in astrology anyway, but hey, I can't help taking a peek at it anyhow. This rates as one of the most outrageous though, because in the first place, I don't have many local, personal friends. And in the second place, I hardly think I could 'solve all the world's problems.'

Today is Sunday, religious fervor abounds in the South. No, I don't attend church; instead, my DH (dear husband) and I always go on long drives in the afternoon, just enjoying the scenery, nature, good weather (which we've had a lot of lately). I think that suffices as our 'worship services' least insofar as appreciation of LIFE and our luck in being born in a country that affords us this luxury. In the meantime, ga-zillions are in church pews, praying for those luckless Afghans, when...perhaps, they should be doing something for them, actively volunteering. I know that some church people DO give of their time and money...but a great many are simply hypocrites.

Let me just sum all this up with this quote: "Penicillin without prayer works better than prayer without penicillin."

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