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Saturday, December 08, 2001

Oh my goodness, if I needed an example of how the people in Afghanistan feel about Westerners, I couldn't have found a better example that an article just out. It appears that a British journalist, Robert Fisk, had broken down in his car on a road in Pakistan near the bordertown of Quetta. Apparently a group of refugees saw him and another man pushing the car, and set upon them. Here's an excerpt:

The colleague told Reuters: "He was passing through a village full of refugees who'd just escaped from Kandahar. Robert told me he discovered later that they'd been bombed.

"He said that the sight of two westerners pushing a broken down car attracted a crowd. They were friendly at first but then a child threw a stone which hit him on the head and then the others joined in."

Fisk suffered injuries to his head, face and hands after being pelted by stones. A spokeswoman for the Independent said Fisk was recovering at his hotel in Quetta.

"Robert says he completely understands why this happened," she told Reuters. "These people were refugees. They've lost everything. Robert says he understands why they're angry. He doesn't hold it against them at all."

These people ARE NOT going to take kindly to Westerners...and to make them our friends, not enemies...well, I fear that is a task that will take centuries!

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