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Monday, December 24, 2001

No entry yesterday, since there just never seemed to be time to spend at the computer/online. We finished the oak flooring, and it looks fabulous. It's going to take some getting used to, as the carpeting was dark and this floor is light. But all in all, it turned out perfect -- and we got it done in record time.

Since I'm not going to the family gathering, DH and I will go for a long ride in the country after while, then stop by the video store and rent some movies. We rented "All The Pretty Horses" for last night, and it was okay. Nothing spectacular, but DH loves horses (and has several at the horse farm where he's partners with another guy). Anyhow, I recorded "Beloved" and watched it later before going to sleep. I'd never read the book, because I found that it was written in such a disjointed style it lost my interest. But a friend recommended I see the movie, which he said was spooky. And indeed, it was -- but I kept thinking that it would be excellent justice if ALL murdered children could come back to haunt and torment their cruel parents the way the ghostly child did in that movie! Unfortunately, dead is dead and they don't return -- except within a person's memory.

I stayed up till nearly 1:30 AM watching that movie, and slept late. I thought about going on the bike ride, but it's a brisk 40 degrees, and though sunny/clear, I decided to wait till afternoon when it'll be just a bit warmer. I did use my ski machine last night, since that helps with exercising when I can't ride the bike. And I NEED a good workout, or I don't sleep well.

Here's a couple of interesting links for all you atheist out there:

Opportunists Hall of Shame Awards
--Religious nutcases who blame Sept. 11th on secular society!

More Blatherings
--A collection of some of the things said by mindless theists in the aftermath of the World Trade Center & Pentagon disasters, on September 11th 2001, that are crass, insensitive, insulting, just plain idiotic, blame the victims, or use the tragedy to gain members of their church.

This morning I was thinking of how we Americans always want to punish those who harm us -- but then expect abused children to love and forgive their parents. Why? Isn't it entirely obvious that when one is mistreated/harmed, they seek revenge and/or retaliation? IF we were indeed a so-called "Christian" country we never would have bombed Afghanistan to hell and back. So please, don't expect mistreated/abused children to forgive and forget the atrocities their parents have perpetuated. No, expect them to inflict their pain upon society at large, or (the better course perhaps) never go near their abusers again.

Enough for this Christmas Eve. Ho, ho, ho...what a vile world we humans have made for ourselves.

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