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Thursday, December 27, 2001

Another quick entry tonight before I call it quits. I was reading another article about the infamous would-be shoe bomber...and it seems his mother is "deeply shocked" by his behavior. Goodness, it's as though she had no idea he'd previously been a petty criminal as well as converted to Islam in prison. But I would guess it IS shocking to suddenly find your son at the top of the news reports worldwide for something this diabolical. The article says: "As any mother would be, she is deeply shocked and concerned about the allegations made against her son, but has no further comment to make," Reid's mother Lesley Hughes said in the statement released through lawyers in Bristol, western England. Read the entire article here

Note to self: Another reason I'm glad I chose NOT to breed. Who knows what an offspring will become or do? A great big crap-shoot I didn't want to enter.

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