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Saturday, December 29, 2001

First, let me say that I am truly enjoying keeping this daily journal. I've discovered it's a good way to vent, not only about MY own life, but about news/world events in general. I've discovered I'm not in need of feedback, or readers. IF a few people do read this, that is fine. And if any want to comment (via email) that is also welcome -- but I would take such comments as personal opinion only, and it would not influence what I write about here. If I can't be entirely HONEST and CANDID about my thoughts/feelings/opinions in this journal, there would be no reason to write it. Enough said about that.

Another great morning for biking, but probably the last for a few days. We're supposed to have verrrrry cold temps starting tonight through New Year's Day...possibly even some light snow flurries on Tuesday. I might still be able to ride the bike in mid-afternoon, just depending on the temperatures.

And speaking of New Year's...I always sort of liked New Year's Day, since it signifies new beginnings, fresh starts. I haven't got time right now to go into a long discussion of what my last year was like, or whether it was largely good or bad, but will before January 1st. For now, I'm still reflecting on that.

I want to make one brief comment about Sept. 11th...which was, of course, horrendous. But one aspect that amazes me in people's reaction is they act as if suddenly they discovered life is dangerous, that violence can touch them. Excuse me, but life IS and always has been, dangerous, uncertain, perilous business. WHAT have these naive, stupid people been thinking before? That they live charmed lives and NOTHING bad can happen to them? Give me a break! NO ONE IS PROMISED TOMORROW. And that goes for EVERYONE on earth, NO exceptions. Get used to it! I learned that lesson in childhood, growing up with a violent, alcoholic father who could have killed any one of us at any moment. Even at best though, life itself is wildy unpredictable, and anyone who thinks otherwise is simply delusional.

Now to a few news items: First off, I see that Bush has now declared that it's not terribly important whether we catch bin Laden or not. Sounds like Pappy Bush's take on the Gulf War: Leave the main culprit alive and thriving. And of course, when military strategy isn't working, it's always a good move to downplay a failure like not getting the culprit you'd previously vowed to take 'dead or alive.'

Here's an excerpt:

Bush shifts focus of war away from bin Laden

President George W. Bush on Friday stressed that capturing Osama bin Laden was only part of the US's objectives in Afghanistan, signalling a shift in the administration's approach to its campaign against terrorism.


On the homefront, I think that Americans are scared shitless. (Pardon my French) But why else would they be posting on bulletin boards and in newsgroups about strip-searching people at airports, taking such ridiculous measures to assure safety. People, I'll say it again: Life is a dangerous business. YOU CANNOT GUARANTEE SAFETY! EVER! Here's an excerpt from another slip-up at airport security, which just proves you can NEVER be sure that someone, somewhere won't get onboard a plane with explosives or guns.

FBI: Man boarded two flights with gun in luggage

MEMPHIS, Tennessee (AP) -- Authorities said a Florida man who was arrested with a loaded pistol in his carry-on luggage had boarded flights in two other cities before the gun was found.

That's it for now. I am about to head to the library, then have a few errands in town. And sometimes between now and January 1st, I have several submitted stories to edit and post at my webzine, which will take up some of my time in the evenings. Updates to the webzine are done on the 1st of each month, and I've not even started on that work yet.

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