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Thursday, December 13, 2001

It's night, one of the rare times a week I get to be online in the evenings. So just a few random thoughts...

The Osama video was broadcast on the news tonight...and I found the translation (if correct) to certainly condemn him. And of course, all civilized people everywhere have a right to be outraged. But I can't understand Arabic, so I have to take the word of whoever translates it...and these days, I'm not as trusting of media and government as I used to be. The video/audio was rather poor, so it was difficult to understand what was being said. Still, it was upsetting.

It is still pouring buckets of rain tonight. We're in for some flooding, I think. I hope it goes away by tomorrow, as I'd love to go on a long bike ride!

I heard a news report that Bible sales are up all over the nation, but particularly here in the South. I would have thought that almost EVERY household in the South already had a Bible! But hey, there's this NEW version, white and blue. No joke! What will those darn marketers think of next? <(©¿©)>

And with that, I'm signing off for tonight!

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