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Thursday, December 27, 2001's something extraordinary. Tonight I had to pay a bill from my online banking institution. I log in, and lo...I find that now I have TWO new savings accounts, with deposits of over $5,000.00 in each one! Apparently the money had been electronically transferred -- but I've NOT opened new accounts. Geez, this must be a banking mistake. Someone is going to be upset when they don't have this money in their accounts. OR some happy hacker has just presented me with a gift... Of course, I WILL call the bank the first thing in the morning and see what the heck is going on. Bizarre! Hey, and I was just looking at new computers, would love to have one that cost about two grand... Naughty, naughty thought! ó¿ò

Now to the news: I see that bin Laden presented Bush with a belated Christmas gift -- another video. Oh, I bet Bush and company were SO annoyed, upset to see this latest video. Osama looks really, really bad, I think the war is proving very bad for his health. I actually don't hate him, mainly because I am not sure he's entirely the culprit of all that happened on Sept. 11th. I DO think he had a hand in it, but I dislike the way the Bush administration has vilified the extent of making him inhuman. Osama IS human, just wildly egotistical and suffering from delusions of grandeur. (Could we not say the same of Bush though, so far as personality traits?) At any rate, if I had to make a guess, I'd say that bin Laden is in Saudia Arabia with some wealthy sheik that's always supported him -- and we'll NEVER find him, simply because we (the USA) are NOT going to mess with the Saudi's cause they supply most of our oil.

Well folks, here's another doomsday scenario...and a TRUE reality. I watched a program on the Discovery Channel last night entitled "SuperVolcanoes." And it was somewhat scary, concerning the buried volcano underneath Yellowstone National Park in the USA. Apparently, there's enough molten goo underneath that park to erupt and not only destroy north America's climate, but most of the earth's as well. And it's not an IF but WHEN! Some of the scientist speculate a similar eruption long, long ago destroyed all but about 10,000 humans worldwide. Fascinating stuff.

These natural disasters compete with human destructiveness...but I'm still betting on humans doing themselves in before natural disaster (such as the above one or an asteroid, etc) can wipe us out. Just a matter of time though, as the cosmos is expanding and gravity can't keep it all together, so we're doomed eventually anyway.

In the meantime, have fun kids! <(©¿©)> That's all for tonight folks!

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