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Thursday, December 20, 2001

Okay, been cruising the newsgroups...always a fascinating experience! ó¿ò, I can't take credit for this satire/humor but wanted to post it as a good chuckle. So here it is from the alt.true-crime newsgroup, posted by Steve Franklin (

Top Ten Reasons George Hasn't Caught Osama Yet

10. Osama has 20 IQ points on George.

9. Osama has 30 IQ points on Rumsfeld.

8. Osama was trained by the CIA prior to its George H. W. Bush period.

7. Osama doesn't have a constitution to ignore like George has.

6. Osama is a true believer, unlike George who just pretends to be a true believer for his own personal political gain.

5. Osama's rabbit hole is bigger than George's.

4. George has the same FBI helping out that helped out the Warren Commission.

3. George has Ronald Reagan's astrologer using a pendulum on a map of Afghanistan to try to find him.

2. "Declaration of war? We don't need no stinkin' declaration of war!"

1. Osama hasn't read George's script and has decided to let someone else play his part in George's play about ruling the world.

"As always, never vote for a short guy. They all want to conquer the world."

Jan 1, 2003: According to Katie Couric,"The death toll in the WTC disaster was revised down to 308 yesterday, WASN'T IT?"

Jan 1, 3001: "The long-awaited "Manchurian candidate" files on the CIA Project Big Boom have finally been released. Researchers' suspicions about the use of mind control in Osama bin Laden and his followers has been confirmed. Exhumation of Bin Laden's body from its grave in suburban Cleveland has also confirmed the existence of a microchip connected to his brain stem."

Jan 1, 4001: "The ambassador from Epsilon Indi 3 has agreed to release satellite surveillance images of the planning sessions for Project Big Boom chaired by Vice President Cheney. Descendants of George W. Bush continue to claim that he was in the men's room at the time."


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