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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Year End Review/Memories

At the end of 2005, I thought things couldn't get any worse...but I was wrong. I'll never say never again.

Yet, this past year has to be one of the worst I've ever lived through (with the exception of my entire childhood).

A rundown list:

1. February 21st, my husband died of acute leukemia/heart attack.

2. I sold the farm, did major clean-out work, went through h@ll trying to sort through all manner of stuff DH owned -- three outbuildings, a barn, and more.

3. I moved back to the city -- which I consider a good thing, BUT had to have the house I bought renovated and that was an ordeal (since all work had to be hired out).

4. Early summer, one of my brothers-in-law's father died. This particular brother-in-law was supposed to help me since I'd given him all of DH's tools/etc. And he did, to some extent, but for a long period -- unfortunately during the time I was going through a move -- he couldn't do much.

5. My only renter of the house where we'd lived 20+ years moved, so I had to do extensive cleaning, etc. before finding another renter. So far, it seems as if I did get good renters -- but time will tell.

6. My step-father unexpectedly died in his sleep, early November. That meant my mother couldn't live in their home, financially OR physically, since he'd been her main support. That situation is still unresolved, but for now, mother is living with my middle two sisters. The house/property is sold, the closing tomorrow. There's unavoidable tension between one of my sisters and the other three, but in time, maybe that will resolve itself.

7. In mid-December, my other brother-in-law's uncle died; my brother-in-law is executor of his estate (since the aunt is dead, and they had no children). Lots of work dealing with the disposal of a large farm, and all that entails, added to my sister's current problems with mother.

8. Mother's place had to be totally cleared out by me and my sisters/brothers-in-law. NOT a small task, and we're still not finished.

So, that's the negative side. All told, I've been working on houses/clearing out/moving for about 3+ years now, and darn if I'm not sick and tired of it. The whole thing started when we moved to the country, and renovated the farmhouse...and still hasn't ended.

The positives:

1. I adopted two little dogs I love unreservedly; and who give me total unconditional love in return.

2. I still have my six cats, with no major illnesses.

3. I feel fairly healthy (but who ever knows, really?)

4. I'm fiancially secure, or at least what passes for it in this country (NOT rich).

5. And NOW I have DSL internet, a MAJOR improvement over dialup internet!!

Today I took a trip down memory lane, went by the farm where we lived. The young couple have made it look wonderful, and I even stopped and petted the goat and two pot-belly pigs they have now. So CUTE! All their horses look great too. Also, two cats came from the backporch, and wanted me to pet them(one looked suspiciously like the barn cat who had been in the big barn). I'm glad to know that what DH and I did with the house renovation, building a big barn, is being taken care of and expanded. That makes me happy and I know it would make DH feel so proud of the young couple, and ME, for finding them to carry on there.

I wish everyone who reads my blog a HAPPY NEW YEAR. And as I stated at last year's end, NOW to 2006: "Goodbye and don't let the door hit you in the @ss on the way out!"

I sure hope next year is better for me, yet we just never know what's around the next curve in life.

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