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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Belated update

This past week has been hectic. We had a couple more full days at my mother's place, clearing out stuff, disposing, sorting, etc. NOT fun.

I got my dental work finished (for now), new glasses (which I hate because of the "progressive lenses" and will take back for basic tri-focals), yadda, yadda, yadda. Mother is still living with the same sister, and though she DOES qualify for quite a good bit of income from the VA -- she can't get it for NINE months. Ahem! That is thanks to our dear prez. (And I have noticed that Iraq is now into civil war, a total disaster and ahem!, didn't I call that at the VERY start of the whole shebang!)

In the meantime, war has broken out here between my two middle sisters, since they seem to be saddled with my mother. I told them I will NOT have her stay here more than a couple days. So the one sister who told mother's doctor SHE would let mother live with her is now "up the creek without a paddle." Mother's GP was filling out forms for "assisted care" when this sister volunteered. Now she will have to go back and tell him she can't manage all that physical care: and it is a LOT. Mother is a diabetic, had a stroke some years ago, cannot get up and down steps without assistance, is incontinent and more. Surely more than I could manage.

This afternoon I went to see a movie alone, just one of those "chick flicks" -- The Holiday. I didn't know if it'd be all that great, but knew if it involved scenes of a cottage in England, it'd be great. I LOVE the English countryside, and cannot resist a good movie with fabulous "big-screen" imagery of it. The movie has an interesting premise: two women exchange houses for a "vacation." There are many websites with ACTUAL people wanting to do this very thing, so it's not that unusual. And it was a romantic comedy, but turned out to be a little more serious than I thought. Overall though, a good movie.

Today there was an ad in the local newspaper seeking a news reporter. Should I apply or not? Ah, the million dollar question. Haven't decided just yet. I may or may not.

More later.


Anonymous said...

It is sad to see u sisters washing your hands off your mothers responsibilities. She is te one who gave you birth and brought you up. About the response to your ad, it is nice to know that real men do exist even today.

Cara said...

Thanks for your comment but you need to read more of my blog to understand WHY our mother is being treated this way. We girls were abused, could have been killed as children. Addtionally, when our biological dad (an alcoholic) died at 42, my husband and I helped mother/sisters for YEARS and YEARS. I spent the better part of my life "helping" mother/step-dad.Eventually I withdrew because it became impossible, emotionally.

I am still emotionally close to my sisters and we'll always be one another's best friends. But our mother, mentally and physically, belongs in a nursing home -- she'd have constant supervision/care.

Animals give birth. It takes a bit more than 'giving birth' for a human to be a REAL parent.

Anonymous said...

I do not agree with the first comment. Giving birth means nothing in my opinion (Most births are accidents anyway). It is the proper raising and caring that makes one a true parent.