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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Pictures & more

Thought I'd post a couple pictures of my house/fence, since I haven't had a current photo on the blog recently. These will show the shutters I painted gray back in the fall, and the new wood fence.

Note, still NO seamless gutters. The guy who gave me an estimate has failed to show up now for a month. I think I've given him PLENTY of time, and after the holidays, I'll find a professional to do the job. What I'm learning is that you pay MORE for professionals, but they get the job done pronto and do what they promise. There are a lot of "so-called part-time workers" and frankly, they just do not deliver. Best tip I found on is once you find reliable help, keep their phone numbers on a list and always call them for necessary repairs or whatever.

Here's the pictures (still the old cheap camera):

The gray shutters/door match the roof well, I think.

LOVE this fence. Need to get a photo of how my carport is now a nice refuge/private place, almost like a patio

And now a couple pictures of Oscar. He has become the most spoiled dog brat EVER! He stays inside more than outside and LOVES his long walks through the neighborhood, as does Rambo. But Oscar starts whining around the time I usually take them on the walk, and will NOT stop until he gets his walk. I've met LOTS of people in the neighborhood on walks, know just about everyone around here. One elderly man drives a golf cart and carries his 2-month old daschund (Clyde) with him; he stopped beside me the other day, and asked about Oscar. It's amazing how walking dogs attracts others with dogs and sort of encourages meeting new people.

And speaking of new people, a young couple moved into the house behind me -- our yards join and share a chainlink fence. They moved from Nebraska, and have several large pure-bred Mastiff's (one is a show dog). And though there are dogs all in the neighborhood, there's no problem with barking at night since we all keep them inside!!!

Between the long walks with the dogs and biking, I get plenty of healthy exercise too!

Oscar loves his naps!

"Mom, it's time for our walk, NOW!

Undecided about Christmas, but I think I'll spend it alone. Might prepare a feast of food I hardly ever eat, and just pig out -- save the leftovers for later. And I also might spend the day (between eating/pigging out) writing a short story. Maybe next year I'll volunteer to help the elderly or do something like that, but this year, I think I need to be ALONE and creative.

As for a gift for myself, I probably won't buy a new digital camera. I've had so many expenses lately (at this house and the rental) that I won't splurge on any gift/gifts. However, I will eventually buy a new camera, just not now. At any rate, Rambo and Oscar are the BEST gifts I've given myself this year anyway. Never a dull moment with those two around, and there is ALWAYS unconditional love from them and my cats. Now that IS worth living for.

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