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Thursday, December 01, 2005

New Nikon Camera

I received the Nikon CoolPix around 4:30 yesterday afternoon, spent most of the evening fooling around with it. Since I ordered a secure digital card for storage along with the camera, I snapped it in and took a few pictures inside the house. I also made a short "cat movie" -- more FUN than I'd thought it would be! I have a great deal to learn about all the complex settings for maximum benefits of the features to enhance photos, but all-in-all, I'm very happy with the camera.

Early this morning I walked out onto the deck, took a few shots from the same perspective of the last photos of the old camera. Then I installed the software on my computer, popped out the digital card, uploaded those photos/movie and did nothing but downsize the pix so they'd be easier to display here. I'm posting several here, but remember, this is my FIRST attempt, using mainly the fixed camera setting that basically does all the setting on automatic.

Same view taken with old camera a couple days ago

What the heck is that reddish-white glare in the lower right side on the fence? Ghosts already with a new camera!!!?

What an evil-looking pix of Kitten! ;-)

When I first downloaded the pictures, the file was so HUGE it couldn't be all seen on the computer screen. I could see EVERY small detail; in the sky/pine shot, I could see individual pine needles! Whew, that's almost TOO much detail. Of course, I downsized a lot, otherwise the file would be impossible to post. However, in printing out, that size will give extraordinary pictures -- which is partly why I bought another camera. The older digital was 3 megapixels, and produced fuzzy pix when printed. Mostly good for sharing online, not for printing. Anyway, I am planning a long get-acquainted with the camera as time permits. I can't wait to go back to some of my favorite areas and capture some great pictures with this Nikon.

On another note, my cold seems to have worsened. Last night I woke up nearly unable to breathe! My throat is still sore, but I don't seem to have fever or chills. I'm hoping to weather this without a doctor visit, but if I'm not better by Monday, I'll have to see my doctor.

In the meantime, one of my sisters will probably visit tomorrow -- and today, I have errands to run in town. Ahh, Saturday I will have my birthday, and in another year I'll be in my mid-50s! Who knew I'd live this long, when the nephrelogist told me I wouldn't live to be 30?

What do doctors know, anyway?

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