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Friday, December 02, 2005

Latest musings & Photos

I finally could NOT endure the sinus congestion suffering anymore, and called this morning for a doctor appointment. Unfortunately she was in only half the day, but the nurse listed my symptoms and my doctor phoned in a couple prescriptions -- an antibiotic and Allegra. As soon as I took the Allegra, I noticed an immediate improvement. I have had the most awful burning in my upper sinus area, as well as tearing eyes, sniffles, sneezing fits. I think I have a mild cold too, or perhaps only sinus infection. At any rate, I hope I'll soon be on the path of recovery because tomorrow we're planning on shopping for a new TV.

DH and I have decided to buy a new TV for our Christmas gift this year, something we'd put off for about five years now due to remodeling this old house, etc. We still have a 27-inch Sanyo, and are hoping to upgrade to either a 36 or 42 inch, though we've not decided if we'll go with a regular TV or LCD or Plasma. We DO want HDTV integrated, which should be nice for anything broadcast in HDTV. And we won't have to buy separate adaptors when ALL television signals go digital -- in the next year or so.

I dread trying to find a TV though; there's just TOO MANY choices out there, and it is very difficult to decide on what to buy -- bargain-wise as well as lasting value. We'll see, I guess.

BTW, the stray cat that arrived here last week DOES have a good home -- across the road. Our neighbors love cats and the very next day after the cat came here, it went across the road when it saw our neighbor outside. He was carrying it around when DH met him as they were both putting out garbage to be collected. DH told him the saga of the cat -- probably dropped by someone, since it was so very loving and tame. And since we have MORE cats than they do at this point, the neighbor said they'd take it and let it live in his shop with their other outdoor cats! Now that's a GOOD neighbor!!

Here's a few more photos I took yesterday afternoon with the Nikon:

Our house seen from highway

Other side of house beside dirt road

Harley -- Nearly 2 years old (our personal favorite)

Outta here for today!

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