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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Creative tonight...

Finally had an evening alone and actually did something creative:


Young man, heartbreakingly boyish,
With dreams in your eyes, desire and fire,
Flaming in your foolish dreamer's heart...
You touch the earth but feel the sky
In your waking visions and schemes:
You imagine conquering the world
With boldness and fearless quests
Returning to claim an older woman
You've worshiped from afar,
Thinking she'll fall for your charms
Your winning ways, your success,
Yet she knows you place her upon
A throne where no woman belongs,
And can never be content, never real.

Young man, earnest and eager,
Your furtive glances, your shy demeanor
Has not gone unnoticed by the woman,
Though she, being older and wiser,
Knows nothing can come of the infatuation
Revealed in your half-hidden, wistful gazes
Of longing and unfulfilled yearnings
For a mother you never knew,
Lost soon after your tragic birth:
Love and lust tangled in a web
That would trap you in confusion
And doom you to a cruel lesson.

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