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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sex & the City

I've recently gotten hooked on watching episodes of "Sex & the City." I didn't watch it on HBO, when it was on, because I only have basic cable. I was looking forward to it when I realized it would be re-run on TBS and FOX--late at night, of course. But then when I watched it earlier, I really wasn't all that interested.

However, once I actually started watching it NOW, it has become a minor obsession. First off, it's not necessarily about SEX or the CITY of NYC. Rather, it's about women and friendship and how "relationships" with men threaten female friends. Every episode just gets better and better, and sometimes I'm reminded of how my high school female friends (with whom I was VERY close) were so upset when I decided to get married. I'd always told them I would NEVER marry, nor would I have children. The "remain child-free" vow turned out to be correct -- but, of course, I DID wed.

I'll never forget how shocked and angry a few of my girl-friends were; they just couldn't believe I'd marry a man I'd only known for three months. As emotionally clse as we were though, I'd never really confided in them about my horrible abusive homelife/parents. I felt ashamed, since that was an era (1960s) when NO ONE understood or cared about "child abuse" or alcoholism. They had no idea how desperate I was to "escape" even though I HAD moved out of my parents' home, but then returned when my siblings needed me. My parents were separated and I thought my mother would continue divorce proceedings. She didn't. And then suddenly my father was back, and I was stuck there again...even helping financially support the household. It was the final straw, and sometimes I think I married because a guy came along who "promised" to "take care of me." (He did, always!) But my girl-friends were angry with me, and I don't think they ever understood.

At any rate, why is it that "men" and/or "male relationships" so often come BEFORE our female friendships? That is what "Sex & the City" really explores. No wonder it won awards over the years. I guess I'm just late in discovering how interesting the show is.

I have had a few good days lately (in regards to writing), though I'm not writing as much as I'd like. But I DO have a new word processing program on my laptop and "promised" myself I'd write more. I have several good ideas for flash fiction stories, and I'm working on the plot/characters for a novel (based on the last two years of my real life) at least I AM getting back into the writing world.

Ugh, the HEAT is awful here. I put off riding my bike until around 7:30, and even then, it's nearly too hot/humid to ride very long. What a loooong heat wave we're having. The last time I remember a heat wave like this was waaaaaaaaaaay back in the early 80s. I recall my grandmother's sister visited and my sister and I drove them around town, looking for "fabric." My great aunt loved to sew, and remained agile and alert into her 90s. My grandmother was mentally alert also, but physically challenged. At any rate, I recall how suffocating the heat spell was back then...

I'm still having awful sinus problems, but will see a specialist a couple days from now. My head is stuffy all the time, and nothing seems to help. Not sure what the problem is, but I'm beginning to suffer sinus headaches, and I hate those.

That's it for tonight.

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