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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Writing Exercise

Writing Prompt: Imagine you are looking at a notice on a bulletin board. It tells about the end of the world. Write anything. 25 minutes.

Fear. Relief. Joy. Sadness. Sorrow. Panic. Happiness. Acceptance.

Fear: Because it is human nature to fear the unknown, to fear the abyss in which the ego self has been demolished. Because it is human to think there is no end. Human to be overly optimistic, to think the world will go on, that the earth and humanity are special, without end. Fear that there will be personal pain, suffering for oneself and all others. Fear that no one will rescue us now, the aliens haven't landed (and if they did, they were hostile), God doesn't exist (why would He let this happen), there is no Heaven, no Hell....unless it is in this moment of clarity, of realization there is NO TOMORROW for humanity.

Relief: Because now each of us has no more burdens, no more suffering, no more hopes, dreams, desires, vanity, evil, grand schemes, romance, love, salvation, worry, pain, mortal hungers and lostness. At last, we as a species have found our resting place, along with the dinosaurs and all extinct species.

Joy: Because humanity has finally ended in oblivion, ended the long adventure in flesh that always results in death of physical beings. No more pain, no more mortal suffering of the flesh, no more false hopes in religion, spiritual dreams, imaginary realms.

Sadness: Because the human animal has now proven that no intelligent species can survive beyond the vanishing point of its own creation. No sentient witnesses to the glory that was Earth, Universe, Cosmos. Ended as it began with coincidence.

Sorrow: Because we humans didn't understand the beauty, the melancholy of our own sweet, sad existence. Some do, but the majority don't. Most are too busy with survival (translated today to mean MONEY), having luxuries beyond ridiculous, striving for something that doesn't exist: security. Only in the exact moment of perishing do we humans realize our doom, and our ignorance and futile striving leads to nothing except death. (True even without the end of the world.)

Panic: Because for one split second we have glimpsed our narrow, useless lives as they truly are on the grand scheme of an indifferent cosmos and know we are meaningless. Nothing more than ants, eliminated in a nanosecond.

Happiness: Because for millions and millions of starving humans and animals, reprieve has come at long last. Deliverance is at hand, they will suffer no more.

Acceptance: A sweet surrender, serenity, detachment and knowing that in the grand scheme of the cosmos,humanity is about to be declared a failure. No need to fight, to argue, debate, nor cry...for it ends soon in the dark night of nothingness.

Unfortunately it didn't work out with Otter. I felt he was regressing instead of progressing. Plus, I just couldn't lift him, even fell once trying, and he simply would not budge sometimes on the leash. At least I know he is where he grew up, in familiar territory: the vet's. Maybe, he is like me, and sometimes there is no way to change such nervous, anxious behavior?

My knees have been killing me lately, due to all the crouching to get underneath the house to put out water for Ottie. At least that is what started it, but now the pain persists. If it continues, I'll have to see a doctor.

We had rain for two days, which has helped with the dry conditions, but not enough.

So it goes...

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