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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Brief Update

Hmm, been a few days of "dog adjustments" going on here, too busy to write an update. Otter is still here, though it appears he prefers to be an outside dog. I had a big dog-house sitting near the back of my house (which is always shaded) as well as a securely fenced yard. A couple nights ago I took him out around 10:00 at night, and he had a great time -- ran, ran and ran. I couldn't believe how FAST he could run; he'd circle the yard, come back to me and let me pet him, then off he'd go again. He has figured out he has space to RUN, and I've always thought dogs and horses should have plenty of safe space to RUN!

Anyway, he came back inside willingly that night, but seemed depressed the next day indoors. When we went out the next night, he simply would NOT come back indoors. So I allowed him to stay out there, and due to the heat, gave him access to get underneath the house...which is rather high off the ground and cool during the day. He is adjusting, though still doesn't like loud noises during the day and will hide. It is definitely going to take some TIME to help him, and I don't think he'll ever be a "normal" dog...but he does have so much fun at night. He will lie on his back, let me rub his belly, then lick my hands, almost like a "normal" dog. I love seeing him happy like that, and last night he even barked a couple times: low, deep "woof, woof," when he was patroling the edge of the chainlink fence.

It's LOTS of trouble and effort, like just about ANY living creature is. I'm not giving up on him, but if I ever think he'd be happier at the vet's I'll take him back there. Imagine living his whole life in a crate, with just intermittent periods of exercise/voiding. He is just discovering he can "run with wolves" at night, and I don't want to do anything to discourage him getting his exercise.

During the days though he wants to hide, and lawnmowers, etc. scare him. As long as he has his "safe place" (under the house in a crate) I think he feels okay. Time will tell, I suppose. I DID put a leather collar with his rabies tag/name tag on it just in case he should escape.

Otherwise, it's hot as Hades here. We have been getting thundershowers late in the afternoon, which helps somewhat. Horrible during the day. I guess it has nothing to do with global warming though. (sarcasm) Try to imagine EVERY summer being this HOT and DRY, and you may understand what the next generation will have for an environment.

Thank goodness I got moved back to town before the gas prices started soaring and soaring. No relief in sight on that front either.

And that's it for today, since my sister and nephew are arriving shortly. Jonathan goes back to college next weekend, so this will be his last visit for awhile.

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