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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

In the Box

I've just finished reading the two writing books I'd mentioned in a previous post. And I'm about to start writing again. It has finally dawned on me that ALL the transition I've been making since DH died was to put myself in a box, create space/time to write again. Sometimes the subconscious moves us without our being entirely conscious of what we are doing -- similar to a hot, productive creative writing session!

I have two projects that I will work on daily: finishing my memoir and a new novel about the last two years. The memoir MUST be written now, while I'm biking daily into the old neighborhood where I grew up -- so many, many memories come flooding back in vivid detail. My family lived in a rental house there from the time I was six until I had graduated high school. Really, the majority of my childhood and teen years were spent in that neighborhod -- which is about six blocks from where I live now. I had stopped my memoir at just the point we'd moved to that house, and now is the time to continue.

The other new novel is going to be fiction, but closely following all that happened in the past two years -- including DH's death, though all characters will be fictionalized, not real.

If this journal isn't updated regularly, consider it GOOD NEWS, for it simply means I'm writing daily.

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Sheila said...

Good luck with the book. I think it sometimes takes getting a little older (least for me) before we can find our voices.