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Monday, May 22, 2006

Weird Day

So far, the closing on this farm is set for tomorrow...however, I got a phone call from the bank loan agent today saying that the attorney's computer system would be down around 4:00 tomorrow (the scheduled time of the closing) and had been set for 3:00 instead.


Um, isn't that a bit strange? I mean, considering everything else that has been happening lately in regards to the sale of this farm and my move?

Maybe I'm just stupidstitious, but nevertheless, I DO hope I get the closing over with, whether I can move soon or not. If it were not for my cats, I'd just tell the painter to finish quickly and move this coming weekend. Or maybe I should consider letting the cats live inside the house until I can find a carpenter to work on their special quarters?

I did go to the house in town today, looked at the samples of paint on the wall. I don't like a couple of colors, so I'll have to tell the painter to change those. All the closets and shelves are almost finished, and I could move stuff into those soon. I also went on a long, enjoyable bike ride; it helps somewhat, since I DO need my regular rides to feel healthy.

It's rather comical in a way, this year turning out to be a worse train-wreck than last year. I had titled last year the "Year from Hell," so what is this one? Maybe the "Year in Purgatory?"

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Anonymous said...

hey there! that's the name of my blog, too. or one of them. good choice. :)