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Monday, May 22, 2006

A Setback...or worse?

If I hadn't been a part of this, I wouldn't believe it...but just when I thought everything was going great with the move, I got some disturbing news.

Earlier today I called the contractor/carpenter about the small renovations for my cats at the house in town. He said that he was ready to start in the morning, which was great news because he's been putting it off for over a week now, making excuses for why he hasn't started on it. I was also glad he would get started because my closing on this farm is Tuesday afternoon and I was hoping to move in a couple weeks. The painter has been making progress, but it is slow; however, he DOES work regularly.

After I talked with the carpenter, I managed to wedge my bike into the back of my car, tie down the half-shut trunk-lid and take it to the house in town. I was determined to ride my bike in town today, or die trying. NO ONE was available to help, and in fact, I'm beginning to believe that (other than family, who are beginning to grow weary of my predicament) all those gracious offers of "call if you need anything" from friends after DH died were just gratuitous offerings, not sincere.

At any rate, I did get the bike to the house, went on a long ride in town...BLISS! No SUVs trying to run me over, hardly any noise, no strange looks at the biking lady! I was in my element! Quiet small town streets, sunset, wonderful ride.

I got home, and around 9:00 the carpenter's wife calls and tells me (between sniffles) that his mother has died and he can't do the job. I offered my condolences, and she said the carpenter said for me to "just do what I needed to do to get the job done." In other words, he won't do it. seems to me either this is one lying basta*d because he found a more lucrative job in place of my small one, or his mother DID die. If the latter is true, then I fear I am NEVER going to get out of this house alive. Just like DH I'll be trapped here and die.

Take your pick.

I am sooo disgusted with all this, I just want to take my check from the sale of this place (providing I live long enough to get it or something mysteriously weird doesn't interfere to keep me here) and disappear forever.

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