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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Busy, Busy...

The sale of the farm went off without a hitch, and forgive me if I say I am sooo relieved. Perhaps now the "curse" is over for me, and maybe the new owners will never have it on them. Time will tell, and I do plan to keep an eye on what happens here in the future.

In the meantime, I have been so busy with moving preparations, I've not had time to update this journal. Never-ending tasks, lots of hard work, sweat and, hopefully, some signs of progress.

Today my sister helped me; Saturday she and my brother-in-law and nephew helped a great deal. I am truly grateful I have them, otherwise I WOULD be lost! My other sister, who had surgery, continues to improve, but of course, is unable to do the kind of physical work involved in moving.

Here's the progress so far:

The screen porch is finished for the cats.

All but two small rooms (laundry & storage rooms) have been painted.

Tomorrow the new tile in the bathroom should be finished.

All the carpet has been ripped out, awaiting the laminate flooring (soon to be installed.)

I doubt I'll get to move this Friday, but perhaps Monday I can. The sooner, the better.

I DID find GREAT homes for Ginger and Festus. A middle-age couple heard about them being for sale, and dropped by Sunday afternoon. They have four acres with a pond, and only want the ponies for pets, have no large horses now but have in the past. They fell in love with Festus and Ginger, and will get them as soon as they have their fencing done (about two weeks.) This means I can sleep at night KNOWING they little devils will have a wonderful home. The lady said I can visit anytime, or she'll send pictures to keep me updated. What more could I ask for?

I've been gradually moving various things, such as extra stuff in the closets, cabinets, etc and in a few more days, should have the bulk of my clothing moved. Tonight as I drove home though, the "Service Engine Soon," light came on in my car. I have no idea what that means, but will find out tomorrow. That's all I need: car trouble. More expense.

In addition to the first work I had planned, I ended up having a plumber do some extensive work to change all the drains to PVC pipes and add vents. That helped drainage, but it was somewhat expensive. Still, since I'll probably be in this house the rest of my life, I may as well get it all done now. I also decided to have ALL the rooms where the carpet had been changed to laminate; at first I'd planned to leave carpet in the two bedrooms. But I hate carpet so badly, just decided to get it all done in laminate.

Oh well, when it comes to money, "You can't take it with you." I'm not trying to create a million-dollar mansion, just a clean, durable, MODEST home for comfortable, inexpensive living. Because as soon as I am settled (and have taken care of the last details here) I don't want to be involved in on-going remodeling house projects, just live in peace and quiet.

More when I have time.

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Edward Borlenghi said...

With all that headache you make me wonder if I should bother remodeling my home. I guess I'll be in the same boat as you though, where we have our eyes on the finished product. From the perspective where work hasn't even started yet, that far-away horizon is really far away.
All the best and don't worry, everything will be perfect - it's all about your optimism.