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Thursday, July 28, 2005

More Photos

We've finally had a break in the heat, but more importantly, we're getting rain which was desperately needed. The dirt road alongside our house becomes terribly dusty without rain every few days; it'd been about a week since the last showers.

I tried creating before/after images together in my photoshop program, and while these aren't the best (way too small on this blog) I think you can see how much we improved this old house! When I look at the first photo of this place, I almost cringe...because UNLESS I had a good imagination, and could "visualize" what the end result would be, I'm sure I'd never have wanted to buy the place. Alas though, upkeep is a continuing project. The new photo of the house was taken today, early this morning.

If you'd like to see a large version of the house picture taken this morning, it can be found by clicking on the "Southern Photos" link at the right. Look under the Renovation/Updates folder.

The photo with two views of the back deck was also taken this morning.

Outta here for now.

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