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Friday, July 08, 2005

Belated Entry

It seems there is NEVER enough time for me to make a detailed entry here. I don't know if that's good or bad, but I do suspect it is due to various factors such as: enjoying this new computer; surfing the web too much; working in my veggie garden (trying to store and/or prepare all the vegetables I can before they are gone); taking care of the critters (cats/horses); grocery shopping; running errands; housework; you-name-it. Ah, for the days when I didn't have enough to do! :-)

I went on the long bike ride yesterday afternoon, and it was still hot even near 7:00. My new friends from the nearby subdivision came by first, and we sat on the deck out back, just chatting. I could see that Pat wasn't used to riding uphill on the gravel road beside our house; she looked very tired and hot, so she and her husband stayed for about an hour. When they headed back home, I went on the killer loop alone, in the opposite direction from the way I usually ride. At first it was easy, nearly almost all downhill but when I hit the steep hill on the other side of a railroad overpass, whew!, it was rough. I barely made it up the hill without having to dismount, which I hate to do! Sure got some of that deep, deep breathing which forces oxygen into places it rarely goes! I have been sleeping great for the last few weeks, can't seem to get enough sleep in fact, and perhaps it is due to those long, hard bike rides. I still use the airbike too, but it's not nearly as good at creating deep, deep breathing for oxygen intake. Going up those steep hills reminds me of when I was a kid, and I'd run and run until the hard breathing almost made me sick to my stomach.

Hmm, what is there to say about the terrorists attacks in London? Only that we all knew it was just a matter of time until that happened -- and only a matter of time until it happens again here too. The "War on Terrorism" Bushie keeps defending doesn't seem to be "keeping all those terrorists" over in Iraq and/or away from our allies or, eventually, us. I think perhaps it is creating MORE terrorists. Plus, I always quote the Russian General who said, "Those terrorists are just like cockroaches; kill two here, five spring up over there."

Frankly, I think worldwide terrorism is here to stay -- and NOT just of the middle eastern variety. Any time there are severely discontented/frustrated humans anywhere (and there always are), the potential for terrorism exists. As for my own opinion, I'm more afraid of a brilliant scientist who someday becomes angry and/or nuts, and decides to REALLY cause destruction. Far as I can tell, that's the only kind of intelligent person who is truly capable of doing irreparable harm/destruction.

Here's some links to veggie products, for anyone interested:

Boca Foods

Morning Star Farms


I personally prefer Boca Foods, but the Morning Star products are also good.

I still haven't downloaded the latest pictures of the barn onto the laptop. I'll try to do that tonight, but then I'll have to get them online. I have ordered an external floppy drive (got it off Ebay for $10.00) so I can put the photos on floppy disk via the laptop, then move to my desktop PC, which has no internal floppy drive. Otherwise I have to email them, and that takes a good bit of time, since I have dialup. And I'm just not ready to do research into what kind of new digital camera I want to buy.

I'm also enjoying the small MP3 player my nephew gave me, ripping songs from CDs, and creating playlists. I love having the ability to listen to the music I WANT to listen to, in the order I want, instead of having to accept the "good with the bad" on CDs, etc. But that is time-consuming too.

Hopefully I can soon write a better entry, but this will have to suffice for now. Saturday should be a sunny, nice day here...and DH and I will make the most of it, because Sunday Hurricane Dennis will dump more rain on us. I dread the two days of high winds/rain, but maybe that will give me a chance to get caught up on some writing and answering emails, etc.

I do have one peculiar picture to post. I snapped this one day when DH and I were riding in a valley area -- we saw the huge buzzard sitting on this old house as we approached, passed it, then backed up...and the buzzard DID NOT move, so I got a good, strange picture!

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