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Friday, July 01, 2005

Rushed Post...

I have so much to write about, but unfortunately not enough time this week for posting. Busy, busy...preparing for the family get-together Sunday. At least a lot of the chores I'd been putting off around the house will be finished! And that means afterwards, I'll have more time to write.

For now, I'll just mention that I have new photos to post at some point, and also the news items I want to comment on later:

Radiation causes cancer -- duh! That report was out this week, and after reading it, I just wondered how long it'll be until they tell us mammograms cause breast cancer?

Mad cow continues to rage...though people in general seem to be ignoring the dangers. I have links to a couple of veggie products online sites; all are available in the grocery stores and cost less than meat.

The Prez gave a speech, and hardly anyone watched. It seems to have inspired one big collective YAWN. He says nothing new or interesting, but I have to admit that Riverbend wrote the best critique. You can read it at her online blog: Baghdad Burning.

I'll write more sometimes after Sunday.

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