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Monday, July 18, 2005

Photos & Update

I finally had time over the weekend to get some updated photos of progress on the barn. The back is now ready for a door to be installed; DH has started the framework for six stalls on one side. We now have insurance on the structure too; in case of storm damage, we can afford to have it replaced.

I wandered out there Saturday afternoon and took the pictures posted below.

There's not much to write about here, except it is HOT and HUMID. Around 7:00 yesterday afternoon I went on my bike ride, tackling the Killer Loop, and it was just nearly too hot for biking. Usually by that time the air is cooler and it's not horribly uncomfortable. By the time I got back though I was soaked in sweat! Don't think I'll go again until the summer weather abates, or we have an unseasonably cool afternoon.

Saturday afternoon I left on the bike, but the wind began to pick up and first thing I knew, rain started. I had seen some clouds on the horizon, but they sure got to me in a hurry! I got soaking wet on my way home, but I wasn't too far off. In the city park, I loved riding in a misty, light rain...but Saturday it became a torrential downpour and a real struggle to get back to the house.

Oh yes, I bought some flourescent paint -- bright orange -- and painted my bike. If I were a true smart-@ss I'd put a sticker on the back of my bike that read: "SEE ME NOW?" I chose that color so when someone (probably a fat person in an SUV) hits me, they'll have a hard time saying they "didn't see me." :-(

Family is all doing okay. Or what passes for okay in my family anyway. DH seems well too, though I worry he's overdoing it with the work on the barn in this stressful hot weather. However, he takes frequent breaks and drinks lots of water. I can't be his "keeper," even though I do stay in touch with him via the two-way radio when he's out at the barn working.

I've been reading a lot, writing occasionally, and otherwise still piddling with my garden stuff and flowers. We are also looking at foreclosures again, since we've managed to save enough to think of buying another house, perhaps for additional rental income. Sunday we looked at two places, and one was very promising - about a mile from town, 3 acres and a fairly nice house that just needed some work, in the right price range. We looked at another place with 8 acres and an older house, but it was in another county...just barely across the line, but the price was astonishing, it was so low. We'll keep searching, never can tell when we'll find a bargain.

I'd like to have two rentals -- for the income. If we don't buy a house though, we can always buy a used mobile home and put it at the back of the five acres, rent it out. I figure we could do that (pay cash, have the trailer delivered and get electricity/septic tank) far below the price of buying a house. And then we could rent it, or let a couple live there who could help us with upkeep on this place in exchange for rent.

So it goes...

Rear of barn, side with framework for stalls Posted by Picasa

View alongside creek, sloping away from rear of barn Posted by Picasa

Creek alongside property, behind barn Posted by Picasa

Horses grazing in pasture Posted by Picasa

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