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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Random Thoughts....

I went on the "Killer Loop" bike ride late this afternoon, and it was still too HOT! I have only been able to manage once weekly bike rides due to this stifling, sweltering heat. And we're only at the beginning of August, so I may have to just use the airbike instead, which is what I have done most of this summer. However, I miss the strenous workout of the killer loop on my bike; the airbike is okay but not nearly as difficult.

I'm listening to Patsy Cline, her greatest hits. I ripped these off a CD, and enjoy having the songs in any order I wish on the computer. Not to mention having these on the MP3 Player any time I wish. Ah, the marvels of technology! I was surely born too soon, for with better timing, I'd have loved to have a career in computer programming.

Last Sunday DH and I went on a drive in the National Forest, and I took some photos of an old (early 1800s) church and cemetery, as well as various picturesque places along our trip. I will post those soon.

It is a real hassle to upload photos off the digital camera onto the laptop, save to floppy and then transfer to the computer and THEN, at last, post at the blog. I'm looking for a digital camera -- and thinking of buying one that has a digital movie feature as well. This computer has a digital video editor, and it might be fun to learn how to edit and then watch brief "movies." :-)

Today I ordered (gasp!) a cellphone; I've never had one, but decided it would be good to have one if I should ever break down on the roadside in my car. Since I won't use it very much, I went with the TracFone (which has a deal running right now online for a phone AND 40 minutes of airtime for $19.95!) It stays activated two months, then I can buy small amounts of airtime as I need it. No contracts, no paying exorbitant fees like so many celluar phones.

My nephew, who stayed here a day or so, broke his foot. He was playing with a friend and stepped in a hole, but it won't prevent him starting school. He called my mother and told her about it; we also have a phone number for him, if we wish to talk to him. I also now have unlimited long distance, nationwide, since it is only $20.00 a month (via BellSouth) with NO limit on how long or often you talk. That makes it easy to call my sister who lives out of my area code. At any rate, otherwise my nephew seems fine.

My other, older nephew is heading to a new college architecture program tomorrow -- will be living and studying/working in a rural area where he and other students will design and build a home for a needy family in the Black Belt region of Alabama. It should be quite an education for him, in more ways than one! I went there several years ago, and it was eye-opening to me also!

With that, I'm closing.

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