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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Cat Photos & Update

Just a brief update to say that my nephew left with his dad on Friday; they will be staying with his grandparents. His dad has taken a different job, which will allow him to be home more often. Hopefully soon their circumstances will improve, and my nephew can enter school more settled.

I found these photos of two of my cats when I was looking through a file. Luckily the person who bought my old Compaq (a friend who works on computers) was able to save ALL my past photos to a CD, thank goodness. I also got $200.00 for it, which is a good price considering the shape it was in!

Whew, it's HOT here today. And wouldn't you know DH went out to get hay? It must be sizzling in the hay field, but he had a lot of help (another of my older nephews and friends)... Still, I wish he wouldn't have had to do this in such a sweltering, intense heatwave.

I should have some pictures of our deck/backyard posted soon; I snapped a few today, wanted to have a those of my flowers in bloom.

Anyway, here's some photos comparing the growth of my two cats:

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