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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Still Setting Up Programs

I'm still working on getting all my favorite programs downloaded/installed into this new PC. I couldn't save most of them, due to the CD-RW having gone bad in the old PC, though I AM hoping the guy who's buying the old one will still find a way to save all the many, many digital photos I had saved.

I do have most of the necessary stuff installed, like printer/camera/etc. but it's taking a long time to get everything the way I want it, considering how many programs I use.

Additionally, I have errands to run today in town, plus the usual daily tasks. DH and I weeded the veggie garden one afternoon, and late yesterday afternoon I went on a long bike ride. I finally got the bike tires aired up, and it was JOY to ride again. I won't go every afternoon, only when the weather is nice and I have the time. Otherwise, I use the airbike at night.

More when I have time. For now, there's a new poll on the right sidebar for those interested in the futuristic question! Please vote, if you've ever wondered about such a situation. As for my vote: a resounding YES. The older I get, the LESS I like anything physical -- and to be quite honest, the life of mind/imagination/intellect has always been a priority over the physical self with me. (And no, the question has nothing to do with vague spiritual musings.)

Till next time...

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